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Welcome to the New Roots Blog!

A new website calls for a brand-new blog! On behalf of the entire Fresh Stop Market movement, we want to welcome you to your one-stop shop for blogs, articles, stories, and recipes from the New Roots community. Check here for the latest in sustainable and accessible food news.  

The best part of our movement is our vast community base, so it is important to us that we keep an open line of communication for all our shareholders, volunteers, and farmers. Our goal is to produce content that is interesting and informative to inspire and spread our movement of affordable, fresh-food access for all. We appreciate you for following us along this journey!  

Our blog will post current events, relevant scientific articles, throwback stories from our newsletter (The Beet Beat), shareholder stories, and original blog posts written by a variety of New Roots staff and volunteers.   

Our movement is community- and volunteer-driven, which is why our blog is a space for all. While you might be seeing some content from me, other staff members and volunteers will be contributing as well.  

My New Roots journey started last summer (2019) as a city of Louisville Mayor SummerWorks intern and new shareholder. For seven weeks, I could be found with my camera at almost every Fresh Stop Market, or in the office posting social media content for our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. My favorite part of my internship was being able to meet the diverse New Roots community including shareholders, volunteers, farmers, and staff members. Currently, I am a student at Western Kentucky University studying sociology and environmental studies. I have a passion for food justice and sustainable farming, which might just show through in my writing!  

We want this space to be an open forum where all New Roots shareholders, farmers, and volunteers can share their stories and knowledge. Please check in with our New Roots office if you would like to submit something for the blog!  

We thank you for our continued community support as we prepare to enter our 11th market season. 


Amanda Beavin  

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