New Roots - Fresh Stop Markets

New Roots is a 501c non-profit organization. Our mission is to ignite community power for fresh food access. Fresh Stop Markets—New Roots’ main initiative—are run by volunteer leaders in a grassroots food justice movement that operates from the belief that fresh food is a basic human right. New Roots helps to orchestrate the markets in tandem with our community leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh Stop Markets are volunteer, community-driven, farm-fresh food markets that pop up bi-weekly in seven Kentuckiana locations – at local churches, community centers, and businesses in fresh food insecure neighborhoods. Fresh Stop Markets are where you will pick up your shares, plus, more: At every Market a volunteer chef hosts a cooking demonstration, offering samples and recipes for the very same vegetables and fruits that shareholders bring home. The atmosphere at the markets is FUN, family-reunion styled!

A share is a bounty of fresh, local, all organic and chemical free, seasonal vegetables and a mix of local, organic and conventionally grown fruit purchased by Fresh Stop Market participants (shareholders). A share consists of nine varieties from some combination of our ten local farmers. A large portion of the share (usually 7 out of the 9 varieties) is grown by Rootbound Farm, an organically-certified farm in Oldham County, Kentucky. Pricing is based on an income scale. Families paying with SNAP Benefits in Kentucky and Indiana will pay $6, those with limited resources pay $12.75, higher income families pay $27, and those who would like to invest in the community pay $43 for our Food Justice Share. Everyone gets the same seasonal, organic, delicious local produce no matter what they pay. You must pay two weeks in advance of the market. That means no risk for farmers, no waste or guessing, and wholesale prices for us. See the sliding scale when you click on each share during signup.

Go to New Roots uses an automatic, recurring payment system. This way, you are only charged immediately for one share up front, and then your card is debited the day after you pick up your share (for the next market). Call 502-509-6770 with questions!

When you sign up, you can choose your market location to pick up your fresh fruits and vegetables. You can always change markets mid-season if you’d like.
Shares come from local farms throughout the area. We are currently working with seven farms in Kentucky, including Rootbound Farms in Oldham County, Kentucky.

New Roots has a very small budget and limited staff members. Fresh Stop Markets depend on volunteers to create, operate and maintain the markets. These are the community’s markets. Shareholders are encouraged to volunteer during and after the growing season.
Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to operate, and we wouldn’t have a grassroots movement to be proud of. You can to volunteer to be a chef, a veggie cheerleader, and/or to set up and break down the markets. Sign up:

Donations cover operational costs. Also, 70 percent of our shareholders pay the lower end of the sliding scale, and we need to raise funds to make up the difference between what shareholders pay and what we have to pay our farmers.

While it is our vision to encourage Fresh Stop Markets to operate year-round, we are limited by the Kentucky growing season and resources. We do collect grocery store gift cards so our shareholders can purchase produce in the winter. In the off season we organize Food Justice Workshops and the Fresh Stop Training Institute (FSTI).
When communities fail to support our local farmers, we end up with food from large, industrial, profit-driven farms where practices are questionable. Keeping small farms in business supports the local economy, ensures farm workers are treated right, and offers locals a chance to get affordable, organic food.

In past seasons (pre Covid-19) you could opt out up to three times, however due to the wait list and high demands, we cannot offer that this season. You can cancel your share at any point in the season. 

Yes! We are partnering with Grasscorps of southern Indiana for pastured, non-GMO, happy chicken eggs ($3.50/dozen).
Yes, no problem. Just tell them to give us your name at the check-in table.
Sorry, we only accept SNAP Benefits, and Debit/Credit.
Yes, no problem. We will have a giant swap table where you can also purchase extras.