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What is a Fresh Stop Market, and who is New Roots?

New Roots is a non-profit organization igniting community power for fresh food access. Fresh Stop Markets (FSM)—New Roots’ main initiative—are run by volunteer leaders in a grassroots food justice movement that operates from the belief that fresh food is a basic human right. New Roots helps to orchestrate the markets in tandem with our community leaders. FSMs are volunteer, community-driven farm-fresh food markets that pop up bi-weekly at local churches, community centers, and businesses in fresh food insecure neighborhoods. “Shareholders” are not just “customers.” They are the volunteer leaders that run and sustain each and every FSM.

Shareholders commit to pay ahead of time, on an income-based sliding scale, for a “share” of produce. A share is a selection of ten varieties of seasonal, local, organic produce you’ll pick up during the scheduled two hour “pop-up” you choose, at your choice of 17 different Kentucky and southern Indiana Markets. Each FSM pops up biweekly in the same location for the 22-week growing season, from June through November. Basically, shareholders are pooling their resources together in a form of cooperative economics, building enough buying power to purchase at wholesale prices from the farmers, and even influence which seeds they will plant for next year!

The shareholders’ financial commitment ensures that farmers don’t face the same degree of risk as with traditional farmers’ markets. The sliding scale means food is affordable and everyone is included. Families receiving WIC pay $6, those with limited resources pay $12, others pay $25, and those who would like to invest in the community pay $40. All FSMs accept SNAP Benefits, and for the 2018 growing season, all Kentucky shareholders can receive a free share for every share that they purchase. No matter how much an individual family can afford to contribute, everyone gets the same ten varieties of seasonal, organic, delicious local produce. New Roots works on an honor system and will not check anyone’s tax returns to prove income status. Everyone puts in what they can, so that everyone can eat!

To order a share:

  • First, select the Fresh Stop Market Location which best suits your schedule and location.
  • Next, choose when you’ll meet us there from the listed dates remaining in our 2018 season.
  • Then, choose the share price where your family falls on our sliding scale, and the number of shares you want to bring home that day. Unsure what to pay? Try referring to our PayMINT Scale for perspective.
  • Finally, complete your purchase! New shareholders may either purchase a share as a one-time guest, or use our NEW FOR 2018 option to register your name and credit/debit card information on our secure platform. Everyone who registers benefits by breezing through future share orders – just sign in and and click one button to reorder.

No one is obligated to purchase a certain number of shares, nor do you have to purchase up front for the entire season. If you would like to purchase using your SNAP Benefits, you can do so by calling 502-509-6770, ext. 0. We are not legally allowed to accept SNAP Benefits online at this time.

All share orders are due the Friday evening before the coming week’s markets.

We do not know exactly which vegetables will be in next week’s share at the time of your purchase…we promise!

In order to guarantee the freshest, most delicious produce available, volunteer farm liaisons must know the quantity of each veggie to order with enough notice for farmers to harvest the food. Fresh Stop Market leaders and farms coordinate through New Roots to ensure each market gets the best share possible, a process that begins with our Farm Forecast each December. However, our veggies can be affected by things like extreme weather or hungry deer! No matter what, you can be assured it will all be beautiful, seasonal, organic vegetables, occasionally including organic or conventional local fruit such as apples, blueberries, peaches, or watermelons.

Come hungry, leave inspired!

At every Market, a volunteer chef hosts a cooking demonstration, offering samples and recipes for the very same vegetables and fruits that shareholders bring home. There is a diverse, family reunion atmosphere at each FSM, and favorite recipes are always welcome. Plus, our volunteer chefs collect a gift share after their demo as a token of our appreciation. If you would like to become a one of our volunteer chefs, please give us a call!

Every market needs volunteers!

While New Roots does not require every shareholder to volunteer, we do strongly encourage everyone to volunteer, even if it is for one hour for every market, a few hours for one market pop up, etc. It is important to New Roots and the other shareholders that every volunteer also purchase shares for pick up the day of their market.


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Still confused?  Try our FAQ page for even more details, or call us at (502) 509-6770, ext. 0.