The Fresh Stop Markets Model

Step 1: Contact

An individual or group from a fresh food-insecure neighborhood reaches out to New Roots.

Step 2: Identify

New Roots works with them to identify a neighborhood institution, such as a church, business, community center, etc., to develop leaders who will run the Fresh Stop Market.

Step 3: Fund

New Roots provides seed funding to launch the new Fresh Stop Market and together we search for families to become shareholders – people who purchase food from the market. Our goal is to serve 90 families per market.  

Step 4: Forecast

New Roots works with the Fresh Stop Market community leaders to forecast the amount of food needed for the growing season based on the number of shareholders expected. This guarantees an income for local organic and chemical-free farmers. 

Step 5: POP UP

Shareholders pay for their shares – nine varieties of produce received biweekly – always one week in advance. Depending on the family’s income, a share can cost $6, $12, $25, or $40. Regardless of a family’s income, everyone receives the same beautiful local, organic and chemical-free fresh, seasonal local food.