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Strawberry Jamm Fest 2023

We are so excited to kick off our season in the coming month! The Strawberry Jamm Fest is the start to each growing season. It is its own special event and pick-up at our office at 1800 Portland Ave. on May 18th, 2023. This is the ONLY date for strawberry pickup, it will NOT be your first Market day to be clear. The time for pickup will be between 4pm – 7pm. The price per gallon of Strawberries this year is $17.75 if you pay with debit or credit. If you pay with SNAP or EBT, the price will be $8.75 per gallon. To order strawberries, you have to go into our Fresh Stop Markets App and click Review/Modify your order and then scroll down a bit and you will see where you can add the berries. We negotiated this price as low as possible with our farmer so thanks for being understanding. Sorry for any confusion as the app only shows the higher price but those with snap will be charged manually at half price thanks to the KY double dollars grant.

        For drive thru pickup, the left lane on Portland avenue will be lined with cones and if you drive into that lane, we will ask for your name and hand you your strawberries right through your car window. If you would like to come into the office and visit us, there is a small parking lot across the street from The Table Restaurant on the right side of Portland avenue where you can park. We do need some volunteers to direct traffic and hand out the strawberries so the link to sign up to volunteer is 

If you have any other questions about the app or about strawberries please text or call us at 502-509-6770. We try to answer as many calls as possible with our small staff so please be patient with us. Sometimes we answer faster through text message but please leave a voicemail if you do call. If your app says your first Fresh Stop Market date at the top, you should be good to go. We are going to have an amazing season with delicious veggies coming your way soon so mark your calendars and be ready. We can’t wait to see you all! Have a Berry good day!

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  1. Judy Schroeder

    I don’t see any way to *order* strawberries in the app. Did I do that earlier & forgot?? Would you Please confirm whether Judy Schroeder has placed a strawberry order?

  2. Mary Peoples

    I also do not see any way to. Can someone confirm? If not, I do want to be placed on the order to receive them

  3. Cindy Adelberg

    I’d likely to add another gallon of strawberries to my order. Now a total of 3 gallons.
    Please confirm by phone text or email.
    Cindy Adelberg

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