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The Appeal of Pea Shoots and Micro Greens

Maddie Clements, New Roots VISTA

Meet a new branch of the New Roots Family, The Brooks Place

The Brooks Place is made up of Kirk and Meghan and our four kiddos.
We are a small, regenerative organic farm. This means that we give back more to the soil than we take from it. Our focus, for our life and place, is to be ever moving toward the health and restoration of everything. Our main product is micro greens. We believe micro greens are some of the healthiest, life-giving foods available to humanity for our healing and restoring our health in a time when we are in desperate need of real, clean, nutritious food.

This week, New Roots made it possible for The Brooks Place to offer you a sample of our Pea Shoots!

How to eat them: Chop them up and throw them in a salad, on a sandwich, or garnish a soup. Or just blend
them up in a smoothie.

Nutrition: Pea shoots, as with most micro greens, are an unbeatable super food source of phytonutrients and
fiber, vitamins E, A, C, potassium and phosphorus!

If you have any interest in getting more micro greens, visit us as to see what
we’re up to, shoot us a message and let us know what you thought, or find out how you can get more micro

Thank you to all our amazing Farmers!

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  1. Doris Reynolds

    Good Morning,
    I love the Micro Greens!! Where can I find them? They’re great with salads. I’m going to try in my soup tonight. Thanks very much for introducing them to us!! They are wonderful!!

    Thanks again,

    1. Karyn Moskowitz

      You can find The Brooks Place on facebook for a wider selection of Micro Greens. If you are a current shareholder, the Pea Shoots will be in your share!

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