Sustainable Roots Program

Your sponsorship provides access to shares of fresh vegetables. One share = nine bundles of fresh vegetables collected 11 times during the growing season (That’s 99 bundles of vegetables!).  Through your sponsorship, you will provide financial and operational support for an entire year.   Benefits of funding ONE neighborhood Fresh Stop Market (cost $30,000):  

Sponsor 70 of your employees in the market for the entire 22-week growing season ($20,000)    Benefits for your employees: 
  • Increased consumption of farm-fresh, organic food, and reduction of fast and processed food leads to better health outcomes and fewer sick days 
  • Volunteerism shows the community you care, instills pride and purpose in employees, helps recruit new employees and develops new skills  
  • Employee involvement in Fresh Stop Markets has been shown to reduce employee turnover 
Become Beet Certified 
Beet Certified businesses care about the health of our community. They empower food insecure families and support local family farms by pledging $100 or more per month. You will receive a Beet Certified window cling to demonstrate your values to your customers, and a Beet Certified logo for your website

Fresh Stop Market Sponsorship supports: 

  • Recruitment and development of volunteer neighborhood leaders and shareholders (70 percent of whom face limited resources) by New Roots staff, VISTA Americorps members and interns  
  • Small, family-owned Kentucky farms and the local economy 
  • Chef recipe creation and cooking demos  
  • Purchasing and transportation of market set-up in our famous BeetMobile  
  • Special events such as the Strawberry Jamm Festival and Farm Tour  
  • Website design and marketing fees  
  • Resources for participants  
  • Composition of shares