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We are excited to work with our new partner, Chef Space!
The West Louisville Fresh Stop Market kick offs Thursday, June 6th, 4:30-6:30pm and will continue to “pop-up” every other Thursday through October. To place an order for shares of seasonal produce call 502.509.6770 (if payment method is debit/credit or SNAP). Cash may also dropped off to the New Roots Office, 1800 Portland Ave.

Ordering Deadline is the Friday before the Fresh Stop Market Date.

Our Leaders

Site Liaison: Pat Coppage

Pat is a retired nurse who spends her time involved in a lot of volunteer work. When she is not volunteering, she is visiting her children who live across the world. She is a member of the Shawnee Redeemer Lutheran Church and that’s how she got involved with New Roots. Ms. Pat was an integral part of New Root’s Veggie Rx Project. Her “Fresh Stop Market math” is superb and she loves counting the veggies. Her favorite veggie is cabbage!

Site Liaison: Deborah Smith

Deborah “Debbie” Smith is a volunteer at the Shawnee library. She always tries to help people in the neighborhood / in need. Debbie started coming to the food pantry at Shawnee Redeemer where she first heard about New Root’s program, Veggie Rx. After helping out with the Veggie Rx Project, New Root’s Ms. Mary asked if she would like to volunteer as a site leader at the Fresh Stop Market. Debbie’s favorite vegetables are tomatoes.

Farmer Liaison: Sheila Wade

Sheila stumbled upon New Roots after looking to join a food co-op with her sister. After hearing that New Roots was providing food to anyone no matter their income, she was sold and wanted to support them. For the start she has always believed that everyone deserves the opportunity to eat healthy and fresh foods. Shiela fell into the farmer liaison role but especially enjoys the shopping aspect of it. She wants people in the community to be aware of the options that they have to live a healthy lifestyle. Her favorite vegetables include “any type of leafy green!”

Chef Liaison: Marry Cross

Mary is returning for her fourth season as the chef liaison for the Shawnee Fresh Stop Market. Marry and her husband James got involved when organizers knocked on their door during a neighborhood canvas and asked them what they thought about the food selection in the neighborhood. Soon after Marry entered the vortex and has been welcoming some of the city’s top chefs and culinary enthusiasts from the neighborhood into the Fresh Stop Market ever since.

Check-In Leader: Patrice Malone

Patrice is a retired grandma currently raising three grandchildren. She spends her time doing volunteer work – mainly reading to kids in the community. She found New Roots after obtaining a number of health issues and was looking for a way to eat healthier. Ms.Patrice wants to cook healthier foods for her grandchildren and appreciates New Roots because she can get these fresh foods without going all over town. She is delighted to be a part of the New Roots movement to get everyone access to fresh foods. Her favorite vegetable is a pepper.

Day Of Leader: John Dlutkowski

John “JD” Dlutowski works IT as a quality insurance for a nonprofit in Chicago. He developed a connection with Karyn which led him to volunteering with Fresh Stop Markets. He continues to support New Roots because of the high quality of the produce provided as well as meeting people in the neighborhood. His favorite vegetable is a carrot!

Shawnee Founders: Nathaniel Spencer

” />Nate Spencer is a member of the Shawnee Redeemer Church where a mutual friend introduced him to Karyn. He said the concept of Fresh Stop Markets was one of the most beautiful things that he has ever seen. He has always been aware of the obesity and diet related diseases within this community and pushed Karyn (for a year) to bring this to the Shawnee neighborhood. “This is a no brainer. This is a way to make our community better.” Nate also works as a film maker and has a production company, WeCu Productions. His favorite vegetable is a tomato.

Shawnee Founders: Barbara Broughton

Barbara works for a local non-profit as an administrative assistant. She found New Roots after taking tai chi class down in Shawnee and seeing a flyer for the Fresh Stop Market Food Justice Class. Once she saw the veggies, she never left! She became a founding member of this Market and then went on to co-create and sustain the Parkland Fresh Stop Market at her home church, Pleasant View Baptist Church. She loves the New Roots family she has made and helping in the community. Her favorite vegetable is broccoli.

Sample Share & Recipes

Sample Fresh Stop Market share:

Organic spinach
Organic kale
Organic collards
Organic lettuce
Organic radishes
Rootbound Farms, Crestwood KY

Organic sugar snap peas
Valley Spirit Farms, Campbellsburg KY

Organic beets
Organic broccoli
Organic kohlrabi
Organic green onions
Ashbourne Farms, LaGrange KY

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