Our Mission and Vision

New Roots mission is to ignite community power for fresh food access.
Our vision is that affordable, fresh organic food is available year-round in all Kentuckiana communities.  
We believe that just like air & water, everyone has a right to fresh food.

In a nutshell, we are uniting communities to spread food justice.

The main fruit of our labor are the Fresh Stop Markets — farm-fresh food markets that pop up at local churches, businesses, and community centers in fresh food insecure neighborhoods. The food has been paid for in advance so that farmers don’t face the same degree of risk as they do with a standard farmers’ market.

We also facilitate other powerful food justice initiatives such as the Makeba Lee Fund, the Fresh Stop Training Institute, and the Gendler Grapevine Interfaith Food Justice, all of which are tied to our community-run Fresh Stop Markets.

Ten Fresh Stop Markets will operate under New Roots’ umbrella during the 2019 growing season: Six in Metro Louisville, one in southern Indiana, two in Lexington, one in Brandenburg, Kentucky.

Who We Are: Our Values

What guides our actions each and every day.
At New Roots,  our mantra is “Make it Happen!” No matter how big the obstacles are or how many times we’re told it can’t be done, we find a way to deliver on our promise of food justice for all. Our values are the ‘secret ingredients’ to our success.

See the world through the eyes of the community

We actively listen to the community and learn as much from them as we hope they can learn from us. This ensures the development of human-centered, sustainable solutions.

Combine passion with purpose

We are deeply committed to providing training, leadership development and access to farm-fresh food to those who want it most and this singular focus guides our work.

Are fresh-food obsessed

We practice what we preach. We know that along with our love of fresh food comes the hard work of making it available to all and spearheading policy campaigns to improve the food currently available to fresh food insecure communities.

Never accept no as an answer

In order to give everybody the opportunity to experience fresh produce,  we sometimes have to push beyond any ‘no’ that we receive. Whether it’s from a farmer, a member of the community or even someone at New Roots, we work hard to push past ‘no’ and co-create the best solutions.

Disrupt, Improvise, Innovate

We positively disrupt the food systems and beliefs of today so that people can lead healthier, happier lives.

Are in it together

We know that “we” is greater than “me”. We operate under the assumption that no matter where in the universe New Roots works, we are all part of one whole. We are united by and accountable to a shared purpose and set of values.